Skazka, the most popular Russian delicacies store in Auckland!

Have you had a craving for some delicious food from your home country? Or maybe you simply have good taste! Regardless of the reasons for your search, what’s out there, and where should you go for the goods? This article is all about the most popular Eastern-European foods and goods store in Auckland!

Skazka is the “go-to” shop for Russian delicacies and alike established in 2003 by a young migrant by the name of Stas Valentinovitch. Stas came to New Zealand to study. However, after a while, as we all, he realized how much he missed the taste of his home country, so Skazka was born.

Skazka is very popular amongst the Eastern-European demographic. They specialise in pre-packaged foods including but not limited to: smoked and raw meats; beer and wine; seafood and caviar; deli foods; sweets/

They also sell souvenirs, books, homeware as well as different cosmetic and health products! There is something for everyone! Located in the heart of Auckland city on Kingdon Street in Newmarket, it’s not hard to find. The store also sells some iconic Russian products such as Kvas, Pryaniki and the famous Matreshka (Russian doll)!

If you’ve gotten this far in the article, you’re obviously still interested, and you’re right to be! It is not just a store with a few different foods. Skazka sells a large variety of goods, not necessarily just pre-packaged food, but also different Polish and Romanian goods! So be sure to check it out. 

The store is located at 16 Kingdon Street, Newmarket, Auckland. Site: 

                                       by Eva Soboleva, Auckland