We are very pleased to announce two virtual exhibitions of our very talented fellow

countrymen available for viewing on our digital medial platforms. The year 2022 ended

with Irina Kitayeva’s exhibition of knitted toys, and the year 2023 opened with the

Diverse Sculpture exhibition by Alexander Efimov. We were very pleased to see a lot of

interest to the works of both artists on our Facebook page

(https://www.facebook.com/groups/617809839452303 ). 

And most importantly, they were very well received enjoying overwhelmingly positive reviews.

In addition to the pieces below, you can view more works of both artists in the supplement

to this issue of «e-Our Harbour».

Irina Kitaeva

  1. Roly Poly Cats
  2. Jakob the Reindeer

Alex Efimov

  1. Creation
  2. Morning