It is so very pleasant and rewarding when, from even the short messages we are receiving, we can see that the work we have been doing for 20 years has been worthwhile and meaningful for so many of our readers. Thank you, dear friends, colleagues and readers for your thanks and kind wishes! Below are excerpts we have selected from letters we have received from our New Zealand-based readership.

Congratulations on the anniversary of the newspaper Our Harbour/Nasha Gavan!! It is customary for people to be wished longevity on their birthday, and so to all of you who create this newspaper, I would like to say – write more! The editorial team have managed to make this newspaper interesting and in demand, and have won public recognition. May I wish all the staff of the newspaper health, inexhaustible energy, creative success and recognition from even more readers!

Happy birthday, Our Harbour! We want to say a big thank you for the wisdom, respect and

kindness that you bring out in your publications. It is not true that only grandparents read the

newspaper. We also love the newspaper very much and with great pleasure we read all the articles

and sometimes even re-read them! Thanks to all the editors for their work! You are doing a great job

for the entire large Russian-speaking community.

Kudos for your hard work for our community. Thank you for being with us over these twenty

years! Happy Anniversary and many years of creativity to come!

Congratulations! All of you, probably, do not even imagine how much we need you and how we quietly, albeit without making an evident fuss, love you!

Congratulations! What a lot of good things you have done and what useful information you have provided.

What clever people and what kind people there are in the editorial office!

Congratulations! May I express my gratitude to all those who have worked for this wonderful

Project over all these years!

Happy for all of you! So many years together! Special congratulations to the organizers, inspirers

and main movers of this project!

To all those involved – congratulations on this anniversary! Thanks to everyone for your great


My congratulations, colleagues! May you reach even greater heights in future!

Congratulations! Long life to your Newspaper!

Happy Anniversary newspaper from an experienced reader! Prosperity and inspiration!

Congratulations! I just can’t believe that you have been doing this great thing for 20 years!

Be sure to continue! You guys are great – I’m proud of you all!!

Happy 20th Anniversary! My thanks to all of you who have been involved in the creation of this

Newspaper and its image. May new ideas be born and may you find the wherewithal to implement

them for many years to come! It is remarkable that the Newspaper does not separate people by nationality, by their political or religious views. It unites all of us!

On behalf of myself and on behalf of the readers of “Our Harbour/Nasha Gavan” I wish the

newspaper many fruitful years to come! Peace and creative success to you, and, of course, new

readers. Thank you so very much from all of us!

The newspaper “Our Harbour/Nasha Gavan” is wonderful! Today we have extensive access to

information from all over the world, but nevertheless your newspaper is an island of information

about what is happening in our Russian-speaking community in New Zealand.

Happy Anniversary! Thanks to the whole team for your work and for the excellent quality of the newspaper!

                     Translated by Olga Suvorova