Miracles through breathing

We continue to improve our life and health, remove the triggers of depression, stress and anxiety.

In this article I will talk about breathing which is the most important ingredient of our health, happiness and longevity.

Breathing is the key. So, go out of your house or unit now, stand in a sunny spot (if there’s no sun just being outside will be enough), open your arms, lift your face to the sun and breathe:
– Take a long deep breathe in while counting to 10 and imagine you are breathing golden rays of the sun.
– Hold your breath for another 10 counts and visualise sun rays washing your body from inside.
– Breathe out for 10 counts. Visualise all toxins are washed out with golden sunny rays.
– Hold for 10 counts.
– Repeat 10 times.
– On the 11th time you breathe in visualise that golden light fills in your entire body and its rays light your body from within and without. It will look like a golden cocoon around your body.

Keep this image in mind and repeat this exercise whenever you feel tired or deprived of energy.

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By Elina Doronkina, Holistic Therapist