From the Editorial Board

There are hardly that many people who would not be excited about New Year holidays! When talking about the New Year, we get a warm feeling associated with gifts, sweets, fun and cheer! Dating back to around 2000 BC, this must be one of the oldest holidays celebrated these days, although not all countries celebrate the beginning of the year on January 1. Some nations use alternative calendars, some have no set date at all and use the moon cycle to determine the “first” day of the year. In Russia, the tradition to celebrate the New Year on January 1 was introduced by Peter the Great who issued a decree in 1700 to celebrate the New Year in European fashion.

Once again our favourite holiday is fast approaching and it is hard to believe that another twelve months have almost slipped away. Time certainly flies. We would like to wish all of you, our current, new and future readers as well as your families and friends, to have a successful year fully loaded with happiness!

              Wishing you all peace, good health and prosperity in the coming 2019!