It is a well-known fact that we need to cleanse our body to stay healthy. Also, we know that we have to unclutter our closets and houses to keep them clean and make room for new things to remove old processed energy, let the new energy in, as well as new exciting things. They will not necessarily be the furniture or clothing, you can attract new relationship, business, money or other interesting projects.  

But what about our mind? There are so many unnecessary thoughts, ideas and memories which don’t make us feel any good. Do we need to hold on to them or get rid of them?

Have you ever noticed that there is no silence in your head? There is always some sort of a chit-chat going on. You are analysing something, discussing things with your inner self, re-run past and future events in your mind, thinking about something very important and not important at all, talking to yourself and God knows what else…

All above makes you sick and tired by the end of the day, and it is good if you can forget about all those annoying thoughts for the night. If you are not so lucky, your mind is going to play the same “track” in your dreams, so in the morning you wake up under the burden of the very same thoughts and not refreshed at all. The “track” in your mind is looped. And it’s on and on and on. It makes you stressed and depressed, even sick, and for sure (in many cases) it doesn’t let you achieve your goals.

We need to de-clutter our mind as well as our body and house. You might think that it is more or less easy to de-clutter a house and body, but how to de-clutter your mind remains a mystery to the most of us. Trust me, it is as easy as doing the house… well, no…. it is even easier, because you don’t have to dust, wash or take any pills or herbs. There is an exercise which you can do whenever you feel that you need to. Here it is:

  1. Close your eyes. Visualize your annoying thought as rubbish or a piece of a dirty cloth, or a stone, or some other junk which blocks your way to your goal.
  2. Then, visualize a chest or a box, open it and put your junk inside.
  3. Close the lid, lock it and put so far away that you wouldn’t be able to reach it again. Put it in your neighbour’s closet, for example (you will never be able to go there and ask permission to take it back  or somewhere far away from home.
  4. Visualize your path without rubbish, i.e. without those thoughts.
  5. Take three deeps breaths and open your eyes. You are free from annoying ideas and memories.
  6. Repeat if required

Do this exercise whenever you feel like it, until you feel that all unnecessary chit-chats have gone. Good luck.

If you want to know more about de-cluttering your mind or you need an assistance in doing that or other things, please visit my website or email [email protected]

                                        By Elina Doronkina, Holistic Therapist